Services that we offer

Comprehensive Antenatal and Postnatal care

Continuity of care so you get to know a dedicated midwife and her team during your pregnancy. From the very beginning through to six weeks after baby is born.

Free Pregnancy Testing and bloods if required, scans as required (additional costs apply)

If you live in Wanaka or surrounding area and want to prepare for pregnancy,  please email Linda  for a free 30 minute consultation on optimum health and conditions for pregnancy. We can give you  free pregnancy tests to take home and can prescribe you the necessary supplements.

We can also confirm pregnancy with HCG urine tests and bloods or scans as required and get you started on your pregnancy journey! 


Exceptional birth care

Available across a variety of settings which include home, one of the two local primary birthing units or at one of the two base hospitals available to women in Wanaka. 

A holistic and individualised approach to your care

Combining all our  skills and experience to deliver personalized care to you and your family and this includes free homeopathic care  (from Linda) during our partnership (some exceptions apply). 

Collaborative care with specialists if needed

Can combine care with private obstetricians/ fertility specialists but also, when pregnancy becomes complex and care needs to be in partnership with the obstetric team or other specialists, Aspiring Midwives will facilitate this. 

Holistic Fertility Services (charges apply)

If you're having difficulty conceiving, Linda with her business Intelligent Health can explore some of the possibilities of why this is happening and develop a personalised plan of care to ensure a successful pregnancy follows.